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Due to expected snow storm tomorrow, school will be canceled.

TextMarks SMS Alerts for School Safety

When time is of the essence, delivering your message by mobile phone is a must. Enhancing your communication strategy with SMS allows you to reach more people instantly. Send mass emergency notifications, and severe weather alerts as well as non-urgent messages to all parents and school staff.

Why is group text messaging so effective?

    Nearly everybody has a phone within reach 24/7.
    Send notifications that are timely and require immediate attention.
    Low cost way to reach more of the right people.
    97% of text message recipients read their texts right away. 

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Features and Benefits

The easy-to-use web-based SMS mass notification system is ready to meet your needs.

  • Mass Notifications

    Send mass text notifications and reminders to all parents and staff or send to smaller, separate groups.
  • Mobile Sending

    Use your mobile phone to send emergency alerts from anytime, anywhere.
  • Scheduled Alerts

    Schedule alerts like upcoming road construction or school safety drills to send immediately or at a future time and date.
  • Easy to Use

    Manage your messages with our easy-to-use web interface. TextMarks is a fully hosted solution so there is nothing to download, nothing to install.
“TextMarks is exactly what our group needed to succeed.”
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97% of subscribers read their text messages within minutes of receiving them.
Source: Mobile Marketing Association

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